Manual for Live Placement

Preview objects elsewhere with Android™

With this tool you can use your mobile phone/tablet as a pair of glasses to see if a design will work. Where does that painting, vase or flower fit in the surroundings? How will it look?


Install and then on your device, browse to for example, or All have lots of beautiful paintings for sale. Find a painting you like, click it and then click the link for testing in the page that is shown.

Live preview

The app will start the camera. Position the camera so that you see where the painting could hang on the wall.

Measure stick

Size the measurestick so that it indicates the height or width of a background item on the wall.

Let's say your reference background item, i.e. the hanging tapestry, is 70 cm tall. Click the measurestick and enter 70 (if it does not show keyboard click the shown editfield once again). If you instead want to enter the width, you can doubleclick the measurestick to change it to measure vertically. Now hold the device still and move the measurestick over the reference item and resize the measurestick to align with the reference item using two fingers. Doing that ensures that the painting gets the correct proportions. Now move the painting with a finger to determine where you think it will fit best.

Remember that the measurestick needs to be readjusted if you move.

It is possible to preview multiple objects simultaneously. Just click the Live preview again on the webpage for those objects that you wish to preview.

Doubleclick the background to bring up a list of preview items. Check the items you would like to preview and click Back to continue the preview. You can also longclick an item in this list and select Remove to free some space.

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