Manual for ArtWords WordSearch

Seekwords for Android™

This is a word puzzle game containing multiple word puzzles in several languages.


When you start the game for the first time it will attempt to connect to the server for downloading a list of word puzzles. The list will only contain those packages that have a word puzzle in your selected language. You can select a different language using the menu, but then make sure to click Refresh for an updated list.

To download a game package

In the displayed list of word puzzle packages, click the Download-button of the game package you are interested in. The application will connect to the server and download the package. While downloading a progressbar will be displayed. When downloading is finished, the progress bar and buttons will disappear.

Selecting a game

Expand a downloaded package by clicking it. The games available in that package will be shown. Click the game you are interested in. The application will then show the game quest as well as playing options. Click Start to start playing without changing any options.

How to play

An example of how words can be placed:

Find words sample

When you have found a word, tap and hold the first letter a while. Then drag in the direction of the word and release when all letters are highlighted. In case the word is present it will stay selected.

Double tap to deselect a word.

Select Wordlist to see all available words and/or letters. If you can figure out which words are available without showing the word's letters you will have better scoring.

Press and hold the logo at the bottom to show a hint.

Same Seekword in several languages

One of the advantages with ArtWords is that many of the wordpuzzles have been translated into several other languages. You can seek words in a language you don't fully understand and get the translation of the word in your mother tongue with a simple click on the word in the Wordlist. A click on the word may also speak the word using the inbuilt synthesizer for that language.

There are two different ways to play using another language:
  1. When showing the different game packages, select Menu, in the menu select Chosen language. A list of all available languages will be presented. After having selected a language select Refresh to display only game packages including the language.
  2. When you have selected a game, scroll to Options and select the Language option. A list of the available languages for this game will be shown.

Ageless playing

Every game includes various severity levels. The most difficult is that words can be placed both back and forth as well as diagonally and that each word's spelling is hidden. The simplest severity level means that the first character of each word is highlighted. This means that all ages can play ArtWords. You choose severity level under Options for the game.

Other variations in ArtWords

Image playing: Some games shows only images in the list of hidden words. To speak the object, click the image. This variant offers some kind of creative spelling exercise.

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